State-Funded Home Care Services – Available in Missouri

Consumer-Directed Services  (CDS)  funded through Medicaid to allow Medicaid eligible individuals with a disabling condition to choose their own attendant, aide or caregiver, including any family member (except spouse) to help with daily tasks in their homes.

Hire a qualified person (such as a family member, neighbor, or loved one, with the exception of a spouse or anyone under the age of 18) to help you with  daily living activities:

  • Dressing
  • Bowel and bladder elimination
  • Meal preparation and consumption
  • Transfers
  • Personal hygiene
  • Shopping and transportation
  • Maintenance and use of equipment and prostheses
  • Housekeeping
  • Ambulation and other functions of living

And, TWA Consumer Directed Services will pay your attendant an hourly salary to provide “hands-on” personal assistance that benefit YOU!  TWA CDS pays a premium salary from $9.20 to $10:00 per hour and up, depending on experience.

Consumer-Directed Option Eligibility Criteria

To receive TWA Consumer Directed Services all the following must apply:

  • Medicaid Eligible;
  • At least 18 years of age;
  • Able to direct their own care;
  • Capable of living independently with CDS;
  • Have a disabling condition that results in a need for assistance with daily living;
  • Meets state requirements  no cost nursing evaluation

TWA Consumer Directed Services number one goal is providing exceptional services to improve the lives of every person we work with.  We offer our clients the personal attention that will assist them in achieving their goals.   To begin services with TWA Consumer Directed Services, contact our CDS specialist today at 816-251-4529 or  click here to download our TWA CDS brochure  to learn more about TWA Consumer Directed Services and CDS. 

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