The Inner Game To Growing A Successful Business In Kansas City

Kansas City is gaining a strong reputation for being one of the best U.S. cities to start a new business and to pursue the entrepreneurial dream.

If you have a business or are in the process of launching a new one, it is common to focus on the external factors that drive your success. It is important to know your market, have a profound understanding of your target prospect, and to prove that you have a solution to help them with their top problems and challenges.

After researching the market and having a decent outline of your business plan there remains another critical factor that is frequently overlooked… The inner game for winning at business.

Here are some steps you can use to discover your inner-game.

Assess your personal strengths and weaknesses

  • What are your inherent weaknesses and how can you compensate for them and/or turn it into a strength by consciously building a complementary team?
  • The same holds true with your strengths. Let’s say you recognize that you’re really strong with innovation and vision. While it is important to act quickly and to have a trusted relationship with your intuition, it is also imperative to have a team that can help to evaluate your ideas and help set priorities.
  • Set up a process that all new ideas have to go through and, at the same time, ensure yourself that innovation is always welcomed and not stifled by bureaucracy.

Connecting your passions to your income streams

  • The real secret to entrepreneurism is connecting your passions to your income streams. Big challenges are bound to come and if you’re just in it for the money you’ll burn out. If you love what you’re doing you will overcome great odds and succeed.
  • Take some time to analyze your passions. Do you like sports, music, art? What is it about your personal passions that you can apply to your business?
  • If competition fuels your fire, how can you create a positive competitive environment in your company culture? Perhaps one where the emphasis is more on team building and creating a winning product, versus having winners and losers in some internal challenge.
  • Think about how you can create a positive company culture that makes you, and all your employees, look forward to collaborating and feeling a deep sense of connection.

To be a strong leader learn to be a great coach

  • Many famous entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt had their own personal business coach. A business coach can guide you to navigate around obstacles and help you grow as a person to be a great leader in your field.
  • In fact, both Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt had the same business coach and his name was Bill Campbell. A recently released book covers this legendary Silicon Valley figure and his inner game of leading.
  • Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Handbook of Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell. 
  • There are many profound takeaways from this book but since we are focusing on the inner game I would like to share one. The power of building trust in your culture and with all your business relationships.
  • Cultivating trust can mean that you work with integrity and generate loyalty in your teams and with your colleagues. Bill Campbell was known for his listening skills and his ability to guide you by sharing stories. Instead of telling you what you needed to do, Bill would tell you relevant stories of what happened to him and let you generate your own conclusions.

The Inner Game Conclusion

  • Connecting to your feelings such as life passions, curiosities, intuition, trust, and integrity will make you a natural leader. I have had the honor to work with many Kansas City business leaders initially as an accountant. By being authentic and truly caring about the success of each client I was able to win their trust and loyalty.
  • By connecting to this inner game I was able to expand my accounting practice into business coaching as well.
  • I invite you to do the same. See how you can expand your business opportunities by listening more intently to your inner voice and trusting it to take you to the next level in your business success.

Please leave your comments here below. I read them all and welcome you to share any insights that you plan to put into action.