Consumer Directed Services Program

consumer directed servicesMost disabled Missourians can remain in their own homes and avoid or delay institutionalization with the help of support services. The Consumer Directed Services Program is administered by the Division of Senior and Disability Services (DSDS) and allows adults with disabilities between the ages of 18 and 59 to benefit from in-home care.

Fiscal Support Entity

T. Williams & Associates (TWA) Consumer Directed Services helps consumers participating in the program manage their financial responsibilities as a Fiscal Support Entity. Anyone using Consumer Directed Services must have a Fiscal Support Entity like TWA Consumer Directed Services. The Fiscal Support Entity's responsibility is to provide administrative assistance on behalf of the consumer in regards to employer and employee payroll functions, background checks, and other supportive services. TWA Consumer Directed Services is a Fiscal Support Entity in Missouri and can assumes the role of Fiscal/Employer Agent for individual receiving Consumer Directed Services.

How Does Consumer Directed Services Work?

The Consumer Directed Services Program is a self-directed task-based home model for Medicaid eligible consumers who:

  • Need home care services and
  • Can manage their own care or
  • Have a responsible adult will to assume the program responsibilities on their behalf.

Although similar in nature to in-home services, Consumer Directed Services are provided to persons with a physical disability and do not include any task performed by a licensed professional. A participant of CDS must be able to direct the care planning process and hire a personal care attendant.

How much do these services cost?

Consumer Directed Services are provided at no cost to you. Your personal care attendants are compensated through TWA Consumer Directed Services.

For additional questions about qualification, please contact our Consumer Directed Services Coordinator at 816-251-4529.