Consumer Directed Fiscal/Employer Agent

fiscal employer agent

The Consumer Directed Services Program is a state-funded provision that allows people with disabilities to live independently. Anyone using Consumer Directed Services must have a Fiscal Support Entity like TWA Consumer Directed Services to manage financial obligations. We possess the unique skills and experience required to offer fiscal/employer agent services throughout the state of Missouri.

The fiscal/employer model establishes the consumer or consumer's representative as the Common Law Employer of their in-home personal care attendants. The Common Law Employer is responsible for hiring, training, and supervising and is also accountable for compliance with all applicable federal and state employment laws.

T. Williams & Associates (TWA) Consumer Directed Services will provide administrative support, financial management, and all the forms and information necessary to become a Common Law Employer. We will assist you in managing your personal care attendant, completing all employer paperwork, and obtaining proper insurance. As your employer agent, we provide wage payment to your personal care attendants, payment of payroll taxes, processing of employment related information, reporting to the state, and record keeping.

Call our Consumer Directed Services Coordinator at 816-251-4529 for additional questions about qualification to get started or request a free consultation online now.

Fiscal employer agent financial management services: