Grant Accounting Services

Here at T. Williams & Associates, we can assist you with all types of bookkeeping and accounting needs; however, we specialize in grant accounting. Our Kansas City, MO accounting firm specialists will work with you to ensure accounting controls, procedures, and policies are in place for grant management. We can further assist with structuring budgets, generating financial statements, and preparing invoices for reimbursement of expenses.

Our team can also prepare detailed financial statements that include reconciliation of transactions and awards, manage payroll, and help you manage restricted and unrestricted funds. And for those with expenditures that exceed a certain amount, we can assist with audits and assessments, should the need arise. We can detect deficiencies in compliance and reporting in the event another firm or the government needs to assess your records.

Call our office today at 877-573-5043 or schedule a free consultation online to discover how our qualified staff can assist your team with all your grant accounting needs.

Specialized Accounting Services for Grant Accounting

  • Grant Management
  • Budgets
  • Financial Statements
  • Assist with audits and assessments
  • Prepare invoices for reimbursable expenses
  • Payroll allocation by grant program
  • Manage restricted and unrestricted funds
  • Reconcile grant projects and awards