Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Church Budget

Church budgeting is so much more than a financial tool,
It is an essential part of the church. Your ability to achieve your church goals and spread the gospel is locked in how effective your budget is.

We created this ebook to help you learn how to effectively create a church budget for the growth of your ministries. We also included free budgeting templates to set up your church for financial success.

“A church budget is a spiritual tool with spiritual aims. A church budget has spiritual value when we get it right and does spiritual hard when we get it wrong. As a result, seeing a church’s budget merely, or even primarily, as a financial tool grossly underestimates what it is.” Jamie Dunlop

In this free download, you’ll discover:

  • Step-by-step church budget creation guide
  • Church budget templates
  • Mistakes to avoid when creating a church budget
  • Budgeting tips from professionals; and so much more!

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