Payroll Services

Payroll Services

For many small businesses payroll is an inefficient and overwhelming task that can require resources your company can't afford to invest. Outsourcing this critical function can actually save your company money and lighten your workload.

At T. Williams & Associates, we'll ensure your employees get paid on time and your payroll taxes are prepared and submitted on time. Don't waste another minute trying to figure out confusing federal and state payroll tax laws. Our expert payroll solution is designed to ease your burden and free up your time to manage your business in Kansas City or anywhere across the U.S.

We customize our payroll service, to meet the needs of your business. No more penalties or late notices to deal with.

Payroll Provider for Small Businesses

  • Preparing the payroll
  • Preparing W-2s and W-3s
  • Preparing 1099s
  • Federal and state payroll tax filings
  • Unemployment claims

Worker's Compensation Pay-As-You-Go

We offer worker's compensation premiums paid each payday automatically with Intego Insurance Services. There's no large pre-payment and the premium is automatically deducted from your bank account so you only pay what you owe. Our Pay-As-You-Go system will help improve cash flow, save you time and ensure accuracy.

Automatic Time Tracking – Save Time and Reduce Errors!

Save time and reduce costly errors by allowing your employees to track their own hours online and eliminate double input. It can be a real pain to track employee hours and re-enter the data, especially when you have to follow complicated overtime rules. With automatic email reminders and flexible options, our automatic time tracking system will reduce costly errors and compliance risks and will save you valuable time.

Your TWA bookkeeper either processes payroll or makes the necessary entries to record payroll processed by a third-party provider. In either case, payroll entries will include complete recording of gross wages, employer taxes and other payroll expenses, and payroll liabilities, and quarterly and annual reconciliation of general ledger balances to payroll returns. If needed, your bookkeeper can also initiate transfers from your operating bank account to your payroll bank account to cover payroll if these accounts are held by the same bank. See more information about this under Banking Activities.

We do recommend direct deposit of employee paychecks whenever possible.

Call us today at 877-573-5043 or request a free consultation to discuss your payroll processing needs with an experienced accountant.